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A fluorogenic chemically induced dimerization technology for controlling, imaging and sensing protein proximity
S. Bottone, Z.V. Cakil, O. Joliot, G. Boncompain, F. Perez & A. Gautier


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Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 20, 3619–3628 (2022)
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Reciprocal regulation of Shh Trafficking and H2Olevels via a noncanonical BOC-Rac1 pathway
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An alternative replication niche for Listeria monocytogenes revealed by fluorescent tagging of bacterial secreted effectors
PLoS Pathogens 16 (10), e1009001 (2020)
C. Peron Cane, J. Leblanc, L. Wingertsmann, J. Carlos Fernandez, A. Gautier, N. Desprat & A. Lebreton

Visualizing the dynamics of exported bacterial proteins with the chemogenetic fluorescent reporter FAST
Scientific Reports 10, 15791 (2020)
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A far-red fluorescent chemogenetic reporter for in vivo molecular imaging
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59, 17917–17923 (2020)
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A split fluorescent reporter with rapid and reversible complementation
Nature Communications 10, 2822 (2019) 
A. G. Tebo & A. Gautier

Single-molecule localization microscopy with the Fluorescence-Activating and absorption-Shifting Tag (FAST) system
ACS Chemical Biology 14 (6), 1115-1120 (2019)
E. M. Smith, A. Gautier & E. M. Puchner

Simple imaging protocol for autofluorescence elimination and optical sectioning in fluorescence endomicroscopy
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2nd PSL Chemical Biology Symposium (2019): at the crossroads of Chemistry and Biology
ChemBioChem 20, 968-973 (2019)
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Live cell super-resolution imaging by radial fluctuations using fluorogen binding tags
Nanoscale 11, 3626-3632 (2019)  
M. Venkatachalapathy, V. Belapurkar, M. Jose, A. Gautier & D. Nair

The glowing panoply of fluorogen-based markers for advanced bioimaging.
In Optogenetics: light-driven actuators and light-emitting sensors in cell biology, Comprehensive Series in Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences (S. Vriz & T. Ozawa Eds), pp 41-62, The Royal Society of Chemistry (2019).
A. Gautier


Spying on cells with chemical-genetic hybrids (Espionner les cellules avec des hybrides chémogénétiques)
L’Actualité Chimique 435, 31–35 (2018)
A. Gautier

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ACS Chemical Biology 13, 2392–2397 (2018)
A. G. Tebo, F. M. Pimenta, M. Zoumpoulaki, C. Kikuti, H. Sirkia, M.-A. Plamont, A. Houdusse & A. Gautier

The inducible chemical-genetic fluorescent marker FAST outperforms classical fluorescent proteins for the accurate quantitative monitoring of bacterial biofilm dynamics.
Scientific Reports 8, 10336 (2018) 
A. Monmeyran, P. Thomen, H. Jonquière, F. Sureau, C. Douarche, C. Li, M.-A. Plamont, J.-F. Casella, A. Gautier & N. Henry

Fluorogenic probing of membrane protein trafficking.
Bioconjugate Chemistry 29, 1823–1828 (2018)
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Hybrid fluorescent probes for imaging cellular proteins on demand.
Médecine/Sciences 33 (6-7), 576-578 (2017)
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Dynamic multi-color protein labeling in living cells.
Chemical Science 8, 5598–5605 (2017) 
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PSL Chemical Biology Symposium First 2016 Edition: When Chemistry and Biology share the language of discovery.
ChemBioChem 18, 883-887 (2017)
A. Gautier & R. Rodriguez


Design and characterization of red fluorogenic push-pull chromophores holding great potential for biosensing and imaging.
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 14, 9253-9261 (2016)
C. Li, M.-A. Plamont, I. Aujard, T. Le Saux, L. Jullien & A. Gautier

Kinetics of reactive modules adds discriminative dimensions for selective cell imaging.
ChemPhysChem 17, 1396-1413 (2016)
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A small fluorescence-activating and absorption-shifting tag for tunable protein imaging in vivo.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 113 (3), 497-502 (2016)   
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Highlighted in ‘This week in PNAS’ in PNAS 113 (3), 465-467 (2016).


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Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 3, 042007 (2015)
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Expanding discriminative dimensions for analysis and imaging.
Chemical Science 6, 2968-2978 (2015) 
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Nitric oxide-triggered remodeling of chloroplast bioenergetics and thylakoid proteins upon nitrogen starvation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Plant Cell 26, 353-372 (2014)
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ACS Synthetic Biology 1, 526-531 (2012) 
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