Our research projects are conducted by talented PhD students and Postdoc fellows with various sets of expertise in Protein Engineering, Molecular Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Cell Biology and Microscopy.

Current coworkers
Sara Bottone (Postdoc)
Fanny Broch (PhD candidate)
Lina El Hajji (PhD candidate)
Louise-Marie Rakotoarison (PhD candidate)

PhD students: Hela Benaissa, Chenge Li, Quentin Delacour
Postdocs: Amandine Gontier, Alison Tebo, Tiphaine Peresse, Frederico Pimenta, Emmanuelle Billon-Denis
Bachelor & Master students: Marie Lucas, Aurélien Brion, Dorothea Böken, Martha Zoumpoulaki, Yu Zhang, Buyan Pan, Julien Rossignol,  Pengcheng Wang